Tooth & Claw Combat Arts presents four days of intensive stage and screen combat directed at fight choreographers, coordinators, and directors.

The workshop will be hosted by Round House Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland on January 2-5, 2014.

Through master classes, group training, directed solo projects, and creative challenges this unique workshop will explore the art, craft, and business of arranging violence for stage and screen.  Topics will include

  • Developing your personal style
  • Physical storytelling and integrated acting
  • Creativity
  • Armed and Unarmed fights
  • Environmental Combat
  • Safety and Liability
  • Mixed Weapons
  • Prop selection
  • Biomechanics, Tactics, and Theory
  • Staging styles – from Realism to Silk Road
  • And much, much more

Previous stage combat or stunt experience is required – if you have questions about your level of ability or the expectation of training please contact us.  The workshop is open to adults, and is geared towards those who have a sufficient foundation in technique to and are interested in the journey towards becoming a choreographer.  We are looking to provide a first, a next, or a valuable step to those who want to develop as artists, improve their craft, and work in the professional field as fight directors.  This workshop is especially held to help those who are at an early stage as choreographers to offer an introduction to the profession and to provide a basic skill set to develop your craft.  We will move quickly, train thoroughly, challenge you creatively, and build your ability.

All materials will be provided, and registration is limited – so don’t delay!

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